Multi Occupant Results

The Electrek Formula Sun Grand Prix 2023 is 3 days of racing on the 2.5 mile road course at Heartland Motorsports Park in Topeka, Kansas. Solar Cars drive for 8 hours per day and have additonal solar charging time available in the morning and evening. FSGP is open to the public and free to attend! Full Event Info →

Vehicles competing in the Multi Occupant Vehicle Class at FSGP are scored based on a formula that includes the number of miles (laps) driven, the number of passengers in the vehicle during those laps, amount of external wall charging, and average speed. The full formula is detailed at the bottom of this page.

Final Results

First: #55 - Polytechnique Montréal - 137.3 points / 1,315 person miles (263 laps)
Second: #828 - Appalachian State University - 22.9 points / 1,375 person miles (275 laps)

Fastest Lap: 3:31 (42.7 mph) Zach Howard - #828 - Appalachian State University

Staff Awards

Abe Poot Teamwork Award: Appalachian State University
Dr. James Hill Sportsmanship Award: Principia College
Spirit of the Event: Polytechnique Montréal
Aesthetics: University of Florida
Perserverance: Northwestern University
Most Improved: University of Florida
Rookie of the Year: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Electrical Design: Polytechnique Montréal
Safety: Illinois State University
Best New Team Scrutineering: Dalhousie University

Drag Racing Results

Teams who completed scrutineering early had the opportunity to take runs on the Heartland Motorsports Park 1/4 mile dragstrip. Download the Results.

MOV Score

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    Calculated Values Data Points
    Team Score [S] Completion Factor [C] Speed Derating [T] Total External Energy [E] (kWh) Miles Person Miles [D] Penalty Miles Avg. Speed (mph) Battery Capacity (kWh) External Charging (kWh)
    #55 - Poly Montréal 137.30 95.64% 1.00 9.16 657.50 1,315.00 0.00 32.11 9.16 0.00
    #828 - App State 22.91 100.00% 1.00 60.02 687.50 1,375.00 0.00 34.12 22.56 37.46
    Last Updated: 2 Jul 2023 - 10:09PM Central Daylight Time

MOV Laps

  • Multi Occupant Lap Counts (Each cross axis is 50 laps)
    labels modified Poly Montréal App State
    Day 1 82 98
    Day 2 163 199
    Day 3 263 275
    • #55 - Poly Montréal
    • #828 - App State

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    Team Total Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Penalty Fastest
    #828 - App State 275 98 101 76 0 3:28
    #55 - Poly Montréal 263 82 81 100 0 3:57
    Last Updated: 2 Jul 2023 - 10:09PM Central Daylight Time
    Darker Cells Indicate Teams Completing More Laps

MOV Scoring Formula

At FSGP, Multi Occupant Vehicles are scored based on the number of laps they complete, the number of passengers carried, the amount of external energy used, and their average speed. The scoring formula is as follows: $$ S = \frac{D}{E} \times C \times T $$

Variable Definitions:

  • S: Score
  • D: Person Mile Distance - the number of miles driven (2.5 miles per lap) times the average number of passengers in the vehicle.
  • E: External Energy Usage - the vehicles battery capacity (assumed to start FSGP full) plus any external charging during the event.
  • C: Completion Factor - the number of miles driven less penalty miles divided by the highest number of miles driven by any team.
  • T: Target Speed Derating - vehicles must average at least 30 mph for the event, in which case this factor will be 1.0. Otherwise they have their score derated based on the following formula: $$ T = (0.6)^{(30-[Average Speed])^{0.4}} $$