Formula Sun Grand Prix 2000

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Formula Sun 2000 was the first Formula Sun Grand Prix event. The event was created to provide an off year event for teams to compete and test their cars outside of road based events. The first FSGP was held at Heartland Park in Topeka, KS from May 23-25, 2000. Like ASC events of the time, there was an Open and a Stock class.


Stock Class

Car #TeamDay 1 LapsDay 2 LapsDay 3 LapsTotal Laps
42U of Missouri – Rolla134135113382
11Kansas State121121103345
4U of Missouri – Columbia122104100326
9Iowa State1239080293
14Lincoln Land CC916149201
3Mankato/Winona State863545166
007Michigan Tech524263157
777South Dakota SMT**15073124
**penalized 25 laps for battery replacement

Open Class

Car #TeamDay 1 LapsDay 2 LapsDay 3 LapsTotal Laps
35U of Minnesota120128114362
00U of North Dakota1039677276
43U of Missouri – Columbia75355133