During each event our staff makes an effort to frequently share updates, photos, and stories from the event. We also re-share updates and content posted by competing teams. There is also external coverage of our events from a variety of outlets including television, radio, web, and print media.

If you are looking to cover our events please feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to answer any questions and, especially for local media near our events, we have are typically able to arrange access for filming, interviews, and more. Also see our Flickr Gallery, which included photos and limited videos which can be used by media.

For social media updates, you can find us on Twitter and Facebook.

ASC Event Director Gail Lueck being interviewed live on Fox Weather from the Scottbluff Nebraska checkpoint during the 2022 American Solar Challenge.
Event Director Gail Lueck is interviewed live on Fox Weather from the Scottsbluff Checkpoint during ASC 2022.

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Download high quality graphic files containing ASC and FSGP logo artwork for use on shirts and other forms of publicity.