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Previous American Solar Challenge Pages

DateCompetitionSOV WinnerMOV Winner
July 2022ASC 2022MITMinnesota
July/August 2021ASC 2021MITAppalachian State
July 2018ASC 2018Western SydneyBologna
July 2016ASC 2016Michigan
July 2014ASC 2014Michigan
July 2012ASC 2012Michigan
June 2010ASC 2010Michigan

Previous Formula Sun Grand Prix Pages

DateEventSOV WinnerMOV Winner
July 2023Electrek FSGP 2023FloridaPolytechnique Montréal
July 2022FSGP 2022PrincipiaPolytechnique Montréal
July 2021FSGP 2021KentuckyMinnesota
July 2019FSGP 2019Polytechnique MontréalCalgary
July 2018FSGP 2018Polytechnique MontréalMinnesota
July 2017FSGP 2017UC Berkeley
July 2016FSGP 2016Michigan
July 2015FSGP 2015Iowa State
July 2014FSGP 2014Michigan
July 2013FSGP 2013Oregon State
July 2012FSGP 2012Michigan
July 2011FSGP 2011Minnesota
July 2010FSGP 2010Michigan

Historical Event Pages

(Coming Soon) Pages for Events Pre-2010 were created after the event and are historical in nature only. These events were not run by the Innovators Educational Foundation, although many volunteers who staffed these solar car events continued to volunteer at the IEF run events. Information is incomplete. If you have information you would like to contribute, please contact us at:

(North) American Solar Challenge

DateCompetitionOpen Class WinnerStock Class Winner
July 2008NASC 2008Michigan
July 2005NASC 2005MichiganIowa State
July 2003ASC 2003Missouri – RollaNorth Dakota State
July 2001ASC 2001MichiganArizona

Formula Sun Grand Prix

DateEventOpen Class WinnerStock Class Winner
June 2009FSGP 2009Minnesota
July 2008FSGP 2008Michigan
July 2005FSGP 2005MinnesotaIowa State
May 2004FSGP 2004Missouri – RollaKansas State
July 2003FSGP 2003Kansas StateUC Berkeley
May 2002FSGP 2002Missouri – RollaKansas State
July 2001FSGP 2001 – MichiganPrincipiaStanford
May 2001FSGP 2001 – KansasRose-HulmanMinnesota State, Mankato & Winona
May 2000FSGP 2000Rose-HulmanMissouri – Rolla

Sunrayce Era

June 1990Sunrayce 99Missouri – Rolla
June 1997Sunrayce 97Cal State LA
June 1995Sunrayce 95MIT
June 1993Sunrayce 93Michigan
July 1990GM Sunrayce USAMichigan