Sunrayce 99

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Sunrayce 99 continued in a similar format as previous events and continued to be sponsored by General Motors and the Department of Energy. It would be the last Sunrayce before the rebrand and restructure of the events. The events was limited by weather conditions, with all teams having to trailer for part of the route.


The Sunrayce 99 event was one day longer than the previous two events, 10 total days including a rest day. Each day was a single stage, all but the first and last including a midday checkpoint. The event traveled over 1400 miles from Washington, DC to Orlando, Florida.

  • June 20: Washington, DC to Charlottesville, VA (115.56 miles)
  • June 21: Charlottesville, VA to Keysville, VA to Raleigh, NC (198.06 miles)
  • June 22: Raleigh, NC to Rockingham, NC to Charlotte, NC (180.70 miles)
  • June 23: Charlotte, NC to Spartanburg, SC to Clemson, SC (149.46 miles)
  • June 24: Clemson, SC to Gainesville, GA to Atlanta, GA (134.22 miles)
  • June 25: Rest Day
  • June 26: Atlanta, GA to Madison, Ga to Macon, GA (164.82 miles)
  • June 27: Macon, GA to Sylvester, GA to Tallahassee, FL (199.01 miles)
  • June 28: Tallahassee, FL to Lake City, FL to Ocala, FL (199.80 miles)
  • June 29: Ocala, FL to Orlando, FL (82.22 miles)


Sunrayce 99 teams were ranked by total elapsed time to complete the route. Trailering penalties (which all teams received) as included in the elapsed time.

RankTeam #Team NameTotal Elapsed Time (HH:MM:SS)Average Speed (mph)
142University of Missouri – Rolla56:16:4425.30
2100Queen’s University27:04:0224.95
374Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology64:08:1022.20
435University of Minnesota64:24:1322.11
59Iowa State University65:28:1321.75
643University of Missouri66:00:1321.57
777Messiah College69:43:0620.42
8101École de technologie supérieure70:03:5820.32
911Kansas State University70:23:4820.23
1024University of Waterloo72:42:1519.58
1133Ohio State University74:50:5719.02
1217University of Pennsylvania75:33:2118.84
1316Stanford University / University of California, Berkeley77:27:2018.38
144Clarkson University78:44:0318.08
157Yale University78:59:3218.03
1631University of Oklahoma79:17:2717.96
172University of Michigan79:28:3917.92
1800University of North Dakota81:02:4217.57
193Minnesota State University, Mankato and Winona82:23:1217.28
2098University of Toronto82:44:1817.21
2114Lincoln Land Community College83:28:4817.06
22314Purdue University84:05:3716.93
23454Western Michigan University85:10:5016.72
248University of Arizona86:20:4416.49
25777South Dakota School of Mines & Technology89:39:2315.88
2632Principia College94:20:4815.09
2787University of Virginia97:58:1314.53
2821New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology97:58:3914.53
29762United States Military Academy100:32:4914.16