Lifetime Achievement Award

This award began in 2014 to recognize those who have significantly contributed to solar car racing in the American Solar Challenge. Recipients represent those who have devoted an immense amount of time and effort to the success of solar car racing through a specific team, administration of the event, or general support of solar car racing. This award is presented at the conclusion of the American Solar Challenge race every two years.

Award Winners

Jim Dunham Headshot

2022: Jim Dunham

Jim Dunham is a long time advisor for the Illinois State University solar car team based in Normal, Illinois.

2018: Dick Roberto

Dick Roberto began his involvement in solar raycing as a competitor with Cal State LA in 1990. An expert in vehicle dynamics and engineering mechanics as a professor of mechanical engineering, he advised and through hands-on participation led his team to a 4th, a 3rd, and finally a 1st place finish in Sunrayce while also being a top finisher in two World Solar Challenges. After competing he served as a pillar of the American Solar Challenge staff for many years as the Head Mechanical Inspector. He retired from staff in 2018.

2016: Dr. James Hill

Dr. James C. Hill was instrumental in founding the Iowa State University Solar Car Team, PrISUm, in 1989. Through his dedication as an adviser, PrISUm became the flagship student organization at Iowa State University while attracting some of the brightest minds in the world. Without his guidance and engineering knowledge, the team would not have successfully competed in every American solar car competition from 1990 to 2016. Dr. Hill retired from advising the team in 2017.

2014: Abraham Poot

For outstanding contributions to solar car competition and devotion to the success of the Sunseeker Solar Car Project from Western Michigan University.

Abe Poot with Solar Car