Previous Event Participants

Below is a list of teams that have participated since 2010. Participation may include any or all portions of the FSGP/ASC events: scrutineering, track, and/or road event. Due to design/build schedules, cost, and other factors, some teams do not participate every year. If you find that any of this information is inaccurate or out of date, don’t hesitate to notify the webmaster at

Team # Team Name Institution Country Last Participated
2 University of Michigan Solar Car Team University of Michigan United States ASC/FSGP 2018
3* University of Kentucky Solar Car Team University of Kentucky United States ASC/FSGP 2022
4 MIT Solar Electric Vehicle Team Massachusetts Institute of Technology United States ASC/FSGP 2022
5 Solar Gators University of Florida United States FSGP 2023
6 CalSol University of California Berkeley United States ASC/FSGP 2022
7 Dalhousie Solar Car Team Dalhousie University Canada FSGP 2023
8 Longhorn Racing Solar University of Texas at Austin United States FSGP 2017
9* Team PrISUm Iowa State University United States ASC/FSGP 2022
10 Hochschule Bochum Solar Car Project Bochum University of Applied Science Germany ASC/FSGP 2010
11 Northwestern University Solar Car Team Northwestern University United States FSGP 2023
12* Texas A&M Solar Car Texas A&M University United States ASC 2003
13 Michigan State Solar Car Team Michigan State University United States FSGP 2017
15 Western Sydney Solar Team Western Sydney University Australia ASC/FSGP 2018
15 ZHAW ZHAW Switzerland FSGP 2016
16 Stanford Solar Car Project Stanford University United States ASC/FSGP 2010
17 Illinois State University Solar Car Team Illinois State University United States FSGP 2023
22 Illini Solar Car Team University of Illinois United States ASC/FSGP 2022
24* Midnight Sun Solar Rayce Car Team University of Waterloo Canada FSGP 2019
26 UBC Solar The University of British Columbia Canada ASC/FSGP 2022
28 New Paltz Solar Car Racing Team New Paltz State University of New York United States ASC/FSGP 2012
32 Principia Solar Car Team Principia College United States FSGP 2023
35* University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project University of Minnesota United States ASC/FSGP 2022
42* Missouri S&T Solar Car Team Missouri University of Science and Technology United States FSGP 2017
49 Georgia Tech Solar Racing Georgia Institute of Technology United States ASC/FSGP 2022
51 American Solar Energy Racers Dunwoody College of Technology United States FSGP/ASC 2016
55* Esteban Solar Car Team École Polytechnique de Montréal Canada FSGP 2023
57 SIUE Solar Car Racing Team Southern Illinois University Edwardsville United States FSGP 2019
65 University of Calgary Solar Team University of Calgary Canada ASC/FSGP 2022
73 HAVIN Solar Car Team Qazvin Islamic Azad University Iran ASC/FSGP 2014
77 Blue Sky Solar Racing University of Toronto Canada ASC/FSGP 2016
87 Solar Car Team at UVA University of Virginia United States FSGP 2023
89 St. Petersburg Polytechnic University St. Petersburg Polytechnic University Russia FSGP 2018
95 Apollo Solar Car Team National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences Taiwan ASC/FSGP 2010
96 SunStang Solar Car Project Western University Canada FSGP 2017
99 SolarPack North Carolina State University United States ASC/FSGP 2022
101 Eclipse ETS Canada ASC/FSGP 2022
116 McMaster Solar Car Project McMaster University Canada FSGP 2016
256 Phoenix Solar Racing Oregon State University United States ASC/FSGP 2014
505 University of New Mexico Solar Car Team University of New Mexico United States ASC/FSGP 2012
559 Onda Solare University of Bologna Italy ASC/FSGP 2018
608 Badgerloop University of Wisconsin-Madison United States FSGP 2023
614 Buckeye Solar Racing Ohio State University United States FSGP 2023
785 KU Solar Car The University of Kansas United States ASC/FSGP 2022
786 Sunseeker Solar Car Project Western Michigan University United States FSGP 2023
787 SERRT University of Puerto Rico United States FSGP 2019
828 Team Sunergy Appalachian State University United States FSGP 2023

Last Updated on July 3, 2023

* Team Number Reserved