Formula Sun Grand Prix 2001

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About the Event

2001 was the first time that the Formula Sun Grand Prix served as a qualifier for the American Solar Challenge. In 2001 there were two opportunities for teams to qualify at a Formula Sun Grand Prix. A preliminary qualifier was held May 9-11 at Heartland Park in Topeka. The final qualifier was held July 12-13 at Gingerman Raceway in South Haven, MI. Teams were required to complete 125 miles (at 25mph or greater) to qualify for the road competition.

Kansas Results

The Kansas qualifier took place at Heartland Park in Topeka on the 2.1 mile road course.

Stock Class

Car #TeamDay 1 LapsDay 2 LapsDay 3 LapsTotal
3Minnesota State University
Mankato & Winona State
22North Dakota State University71429122
00University of North Dakota007171

Open Class

Car #TeamDay 1 LapsDay 2 LapsDay 3 LapsTotal
74Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology117120116353
42University of Missouri – Rolla**00102102
9Iowa State University**0642892
2University of Michigan**084892
43University of Missouri – Columbia850085
77Messiah College6317080
12Texas A&M University770077
24University of Waterloo066066
35University of Minnesota**063063
32Principia College**0000
**Forfeited Day 1 laps to restart with full battery on day 2

Michigan Results

The Michigan qualifier took place at Gingerman Raceway in South Haven, Michigan on the 1.88 mile road course.

Stock Class

Car #TeamDay 1 LapsDay 2 LapsTotal
16Stanford University1200120
99University of Alberta4175116
150Northwestern University2880108
8University of Arizona96096
295Western Michigan University92092
13McMaster University06464

Open Class

Car #TeamDay 1 LapsDay 2 LapsTotal
32Principia College13886224
101École de technologie supérieure10193194
1University of Toronto62101163
63Association FUTURA5271123
41South Bank University7038108
87University of Virginia91465
17University of Pennsylvania405262
100Queen’s University84084
28Kansas State University75075
91Stanford University74074
6Massachusetts Institute of Technology46872
11Los Altos High School /
La Puente Valley ROP
5École Polytechnique de Montreal63440
2University of Michigan12012
9Iowa State University12012