Sunrayce 95

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Sunrayce 95 was again sponsored by the US Department of Energy and General Motors.


Sunrayce 95 was a 9 day event made up of 8 single-day stages and one rest day. All but the first and last stages had a midday checkpoint. The event ran 1246 miles from Indianapolis, IN to Golden, CO.

  • June 20: Indianapolis, IN to Terre Haute, IN (65 miles)
  • June 21: Terre Haute, IN to Effingham, IL to Godfey/Alton, IL (169 miles)
  • June 22: Godfrey/Alton, IL to Louisiana, MO to Fulton, MO (165 miles)
  • June 23: Fulton, MO to California, MO to Lee’s Summit, MO (156 miles)
  • June 24: Rest Day
  • June 25: Lee’s Summit, MO to Topeka, KS to Manhattan, KS (152 miles)
  • June 26: Manhattan, KS to Glasco, KS to Smith Center, KS (150 miles)
  • June 27: Smith Center, KS to Oberlin, KS to St. Francis, KS (166 miles)
  • June 28: St. Francis, KS to Anton, CO to Aurora, CO (171 miles)
  • June 29: Aurora, CO to Golden, CO / NREL (52 miles)


The winner of Sunrayce 95 was determined by elapsed time. The team with the lowest elapsed time over the full route wins.

PlaceTeam #Team NameElapse Time (HH:MM:SS)Avg. Speed (mph)
117Massachusetts Institute of Technology33:37:1137.23
235University of Minnesota33:56:0036.88
325California State Polytechnic University, Pomona37:03:4333.77
47George Washington University38:55:2932.15
516Stanford University42:47:1229.25
6100Queens University43:23:2528.84
728Northern Essex Community College44:39:4228.02
895Western Michigan University45:17:4927.63
93Mankato and Winona State Universities53:29:3323.40
1043University of Missouri, Columbia55:47:0522.44
112University of Maryland59:11:4721.14
1276Drexel University59:34:2221.01
13500University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez65:27:2219.12
1474Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology65:50:2419.01
158Kauai Community College66:54:0018.71
16777South Dakota School of Mines & Technology69:53:1817.91
17371Purdue University70:19:2817.80
184Clarkson University70:45:0417.69
199Iowa State University73:02:5317.13
2024University of Waterloo74:16:0416.85
2196University of Western Ontario75:37:0316.55
2277Messiah College77:51:1016.08
2331University of Oklahoma79:20:4215.77
24406Montana State University79:50:4115.67
2522University of Illinois89:38:0013.96
2627United State Military Academy90:42:1113.80
2712Texas A&M University91:36:3813.66
2890Mercer University91:43:2013.65
29109Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico95:09:0013.15
3042University of Missouri, Rolla95:09:5813.15
3192Columbus State Community College99:59:2512.52
32195California State University, Long Beach107:20:0611.66
3333Ohio State University108:28:4511.54
3467University of Pennsylvania114:32:4210.93
356Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University115:02:0610.88
36619Prairie View A&M University121:34:5810.29
101University of Quebec*DNF
1University of Michigan*DNF
* Quebec Withdrew after Day 6, Michigan after Day 4