GM Sunrayce USA (1990)

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The GM Sunrayce USA was the first cross country solar car race in the United States. The event was sponsored by General Motors and named after their 1987 World Solar Challenge winning vehicle, Sunraycer.


GM Sunrayce USA was an 11 day event that ran over 1800 miles from Orlando, Florida to Warren, Michigan. This event started the staged style route that is still used today. Teams started and ended each day together in the same location, all stages were one day.

  • July 9: Orlando, Florida to Floral City, FL.
  • July 10: Floral Park, FL to Tallahassee, FL.
  • July 11: Tallahassee, FL to Montgomery, Alabama.
  • July 12: Montgomery, AL to Haleyville, AL.
  • July 13: Haleyville, AL to Spring Hill, Tennessee.
  • July 14: Spring Hill, TN to Bowling Green, Kentucky.
  • July 15: Bowling Green, KY to Louisville, KY.
  • July 16: Louisville, KY to Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • July 17: Indianapolis, IN to Greenville, Ohio.
  • July 18: Greenville, OH to Mason, Michigan.
  • July 19: Mason, MI to Warren, MI.


PlaceTeamElapsed Time
1University of Michigan75:50:47
2Western Washington University74:10:06
3University of Maryland80:10:55
4Cal State LA81:03:44
5Crowder College81:06:18
7Stanford University93:56:53
8Western Michigan – Jordan96:55:20
9Colorado State University97:55:06
10Cal Poly – Pomona99:05:57
11Drexel University100:03:40
13Stark State College105:06:47
14Worcester Poly106:34:60
15Auburn University107:24:35
16Minnesota State University, Mankato108:18:45
17Iowa State University109:05:29
18University of North Texas110:48:04
19Cal State – Northridge110:49:57
20Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology111:07:44
21Cal Poly – San Luis Obispo113:00:15
22University of Texas113:15:25
23Dartmouth College113:48:13
24University of Waterloo114:37:15
25Florida Institute of Technology116:39:41
26University of Pennsylvania122:14:48
27Virginia Tech130:27:08
28Clarkson University131:52:00
29University of Ottawa132:48:18
30University of Puerto Rico135:44:30
31Arizona State University136:49:18
32Villanova University137:04:11