North American Solar Challenge 2008

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The 2008 North American Solar Challenge was the second (and last) solar car competition to cross the border into Canada. The 10 day event ran from Plano, Texas, USA to Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


The NASC 2008 Route was a 5 stage race. Stages 1-4 were multiple day stages with required checkpoints. Stage 5 was a short 1-day stage to the finish.

  • Stage 1:
    • July 13: Stage Start in Plano, TX
    • July 13: Checkpoint in McAkester, OK
    • July 14: Stage Finish in Neosho, MO
  • Stage 2:
    • July 15: Stage Start in Neosho, MO
    • July 15: Checkpoint in Topeka, KS
    • July 16: Checkpoint in Omaha, NE
    • July 17: Stage Finish in Sioux Falls, SD
  • Stage 3:
    • July 18: Stage Start in Sioux Falls, SD
    • July 18: Checkpoint in Fargo, ND
    • July 19: Stage Finish in Winnipeg, MB
  • Stage 4:
    • July 20: Stage Start in Winnipeg, MB
    • July 20: Checkpoint in Brandon, MB
    • July 21: Checkpoint in Regina, SK
    • July 21: Stage Finish in Medicine Hat, AB
  • Stage 5:
    • July 22: Stage Start in Medicine Hat, AB
    • July 22: Stage Finish in Calgary, AB


Teams at NASC 2008 competed in one class ranked by elapsed time. Lowest elapsed time to complete the route wins.

RankCar #UniversityTotal Time (hh:mm:ss)
12University of Michigan51:41:53
232Principia College61:38:45
31Hochschule Bochum63:47:55
424University of Waterloo64:00:06
535University of Minnesota65:41:48
665University of Calgary75:42:53
742Missouri S&T81:20:36
89Iowa State University91:12:59
995Red River College92:15:02
108University of Arizona98:26:12
113University of Kentucky100:33:24
12100Queen’s University106:36:20
14*175Durham University134:07:06
14*256Oregon State University145:20:00
* Durham and Oregon were non-competitive entries.