FSGP 2013

Formula Sun Grand Prix (FSGP) 2013 was held at the Circuit of The Americas in Austin, TX from Monday, June 24 – Saturday, June 29. On behalf of the Innovators Educational Foundation and the Formula Sun Grand Prix staff, we appreciate all the teams and sponsors who came down to Texas to help make the event such a success.

Find team entry information at our registration page. The event was free and open to the public and media. An estimated 1,600 spectators came out to support the student teams and learn more about solar cars.

Official Event Information

FSGP 2013 Overall Winners & Results

  1. Oregon State – 193 laps (661 mi)
  2. Illinois State – 192 laps (658 mi)
  3. Iowa State – 191 laps (654 mi)

Fastest Lap: Iowa State (4 min 42.289 sec)

Team # – Name Total Laps Day 1 Laps Day 2 Laps Day 3 Laps Penalty Laps Fast Lap
256 – Oregon State 193 65 66 63 1 5:26.565
17 – Illinois State 192 64 65 64 1 4:59.886
9 – Iowa State 191 61 52 78   4:42.289
32 – Principia 184 56 54 74   4:46.005
20 – Western Michigan 183 66 64 53   5:36.894
8 – UT Austin 121 34 42 60 15 5:02.661
24 – Waterloo 20 0 0 20   6:33.359
57 – SIUE 10 7 1 2   7:25.008
49 – Georgia Tech 1 0 0 3 2 N/A
11 – Northwestern * DNQ          
42 – Missouri S&T * DNQ          

Last Update: 6-29-2013 11:00PM Central Time

* Team did not pass scrutineering – see the team status page for more info

Awards Given

In addition to trophies for the top three teams, the following awards were given to FSGP 2013 teams.

  • Fast lap: Iowa State’s Cory Anderson (4 min 42.289 sec)
  • Prettiest Car: Principia
  • Hill Climb Award: Georgia Tech
  • Pit Crew Award: Western Michigan
  • Fastest Egress: Iowa State’s Cory Anderson (5.2 sec)
  • Spirit of the Event: SIUE
  • Fastest Slalom: Iowa State’s Moriah Morgan (8.4 sec)
  • Almost an Airplane Award: Waterloo
  • Sportsmanship Award: Oregon State


Mon, Jun 24 – Registration & Early Scrutineering
Tue, Jun 25 – Scrutineering
Wed, Jun 26 – Scrutineering
Thu, Jun 27 – Racing 10am-6pm
Fri, Jun 28 – Racing 9am-5pm
Sat, Jun 29 – Racing 9am-5pm (Official Public Day)

Track Configuration

FSGP 2013 will be using the full 3.426 mile Circuit of The Americas track configuration.  The track runs in a counter-clockwise direction, which includes the hill at turn 1, several S-curves, and a variety of hair pin turns around the track.  Pit space will be allocated in the garages along the front straight, and there are plenty of stands for spectators to cheer on the teams.  Teams, given the size of the track, please make sure you have adequate radio communication coverage for your drivers and appropriate telemetry systems for monitoring your solar car.


As always, please submit forms, fees, and reports by the deadlines specified. We will once again be giving scrutineering preference to those teams that complete their paperwork first, so earlier is better.

Official Public Day

The event is free and open to the public on Saturday, June 29th. Parking is free. All activities will be setup in the paddock area, with the ability to see the race from the stands and participate in the additional educational activities setup outside/inside the Event Center. You will also be able to walk on the paddock side of the garages and chat with the teams.

The racing hours are 9am-5pm. If you come as early as 7:30AM, you can see the teams in their charging configuration. During charging, the body of the car with the solar array is pointed towards the sun revealing the chassis underneath. This can also be a great time to meet and greet with the teams as they prepare for the final day of racing. Below is a summary of events and exhibitions planned for the day.

  • Solar Car Model Workshop
    • 10am-3pm on the hour
    • Targeted for elementary and junior high students
    • Sign-up upon arrival to reserve your spot!
  • Texas Solar Energy Society’s Solar Trailer
  • SunPower solar panels
  • UT-Austin’s Engineering Program
  • Manor New Tech Robotics Team
  • Yamaha
  • Plantronics