Formula Sun Grand Prix 2003

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FSGP 2003 was held at Heartland Park in Topeka, KS on May 14-17. It was the qualifier for ASC 2003. Originally, a second qualifier was planned (similar to 2001) but did not occur.


Stock Class

Car #TeamDay 1 LapsDay 2 LapsDay 3 LapsTotal Laps
254University of California – Berkeley77595141
22North Dakota State University2371195

Open Class

Car #TeamDay 1 LapsDay 2 LapsDay 3 LapsTotal Laps
35University of Minnesota11410649269
28Kansas State University12610834268
42University of Missouri – Rolla88960184
7Auburn University48700118
24University of Waterloo1**85085
314Purdue University5**70070
9Iowa State University3**63063
43University of Missouri – Columbia260026
**Team Forfeited Day 1 Laps to recharge battery and restart on Day 2