FSGP 2013 Regulations Posted

The FSGP 2013 regulations have been posted. These regulations are largely similar to the ASC 2012 regulations for vehicle design, however cars designed and built for ASC 2014 regulations can also enter. There are some material changes between ASC 2012 and ASC 2014, thus a non-punitive balancing methodology may be imposed on the ASC 2014 cars. You can reference the appropriate list of approved solar cells for ASC 2012 or ASC 2014.

Included in the FSGP 2013 regulations are the requirements for the vehicle design reports. If you are returning with a car that participated in ASC 2012, you only need to submit a copy of the previous reports with a supplemental report indicating what material changes have been made to the car since then. If significant changes have been made, the inspectors may require a new report to be submitted for the FSGP version of your car.

Should you have any questions pertaining to the regulations please email ascregs@americansolarchallenge.org.