FSGP 2013 Entry Form Due Mar 1

A lot of people are asking which solar car teams will be coming to the race in Austin this summer.  If your team hasn’t registered yet, make sure you submit your team entry form by the March 1 deadline.  As a point of clarification, the contact points you list on the Entry Form do not necessarily need to be the people coming on the race.  Don’t forget that the initial fee of $1,000 USD is also due March 1.

We’ve heard from several of you but until official paperwork is submitted, we will not list your team on the website under the event status board.  We’d like to recognize Principia for being the closest to getting all green on the pre-event status board!

Finally, for teams planning further ahead, registration for ASC/FSGP 2014 is now open and the status board has been started.