2019 Formula Sun Grand Prix Regulations


Approved Solar Cells

Please submit the solar cell approval form to request approval of a solar cell that is not listed below. The list below contains all solar cells approved as of January 2, 2019.

  • Advent Solar Ventura
  • Azur Space 3T34C (GAs)
  • China Sunergy CSUN-HP-S125-Dia165-BB2
  • China Sunergy TBDSE125
  • Evergreen Solar Micro Wire Cells
  • ML Solar LLC – MLS-P3x6180
  • Motech XS156-200R
  • SCHOTT Solar Main ISO PSG 15632 Bin 32
  • SolarWorld A-262
  • SolarWorld B-431
  • SolarWorld B-434
  • Suniva, Inc. ARTisun Select, 156-18.8
  • SunPower A300, All Bins
  • SunPower C50, All Bins
  • SunPower C60, All Bins
  • SunPower E60, Bins Je1, Ke1, Le1, and Me1 (Old bins I and J)
  • SunPower Maxeon Gen III (E66) bin Le3

Note: Please submit all questions regarding regulations to: ascregs@americansolarchallenge.org