Electrek Formula Sun Grand Prix 2023 Regulations


Official Interpretations

Please submit all questions regarding the regulations to ascregs@americansolarchallenge.org. Official interpretation of the race regulations will be posted here.

10.3.A.15 Occupant Cell

Composite panels has been clarified to state specifically carbon fiber panels. Updated regulation is posted below.

Any carbon fiber panels rigidly attached to the Occupant Cell within 500 mm of the center of an occupant’s head in a normal seated position and above the top of the occupant’s shoulders shall have shatter resistant fabric (such as Kevlar or Dyneema) applied to the interior surface of the panel. The layer or layers shall total at least 5 oz/yd2 of fabric weight.

8.2.A Battery Weight Limits

Battery weights for regulation 8.2.A shall be determined from manufacturer data sheet values. If a team wishes to use actual cell weights instead of manufacturer data sheets, a video shall be used to capture the weighing of the cells. This method must use bare cells, not assembled modules. To make the video, the team shall follow the following procedure:

  1. The team shall contact the head electrical inspector prior to beginning this process
  2. Video shall be continuous for entire weighing process
  3. Cells shall be individually sequentially numbered and readable in the video, Plan this carefully!
  4. Second hand clock shall be readable in the video background
  5. Scale reading shall be readable in the video.  Scale shall be accurate
  6. Scale recalibration shall not occur after start of video
  7. ALL Cells shall be weighed – not just what team intends to be in the pack or take to the event
  8. All cells weighed but not in the vehicle shall be taken to scrutineering for potential weigh-in
  9. During Scrutineering, Inspector has choice of ANY remaining unused Cells to measure weight.
  10. Scale readings of measured cells shall be verified by a 10 milligram scale at Scrutineering
  11. Coinage reasonably equivalent to cell weight shall be recorded every 25 cells and measured at scrutineering as well.
  12. The team will submit a spreadsheet of cell numbers and weights along with the video.
  13. If any disagreements exist between the team’s readings and Scrutineering readings, battery Weight will be re-estimated at scrutineering. If total weight is different than allowable, team will be required to reduce cell weight to pass scrutineering or accept the overweight battery penalty.

If video does not meet these requirements, fallback is manufacturer’s weight as specified.

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