ASC/FSGP 2018 Regs


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Official Interpretations

Official interpretation of the race regulations will be posted here.

  • Question: Clarify Regulation 3.1.A.2.
    • ASC Response: This reg requires that the team safety officer not be a solar car driver, solar car passenger, support vehicle driver, or team manager. This is so that the safety officer can be attentive of their role in supporting the safety of their team. Should a team elect to nominate more than one safety officer, the operational restriction of 3.1.A.2 can be temporarily lifted provided the other operational restrictions of 3.1.A are in place and apply to the other safety officer(s). For example: one safety officer could be MOV solar car passenger, provided that the other safety officer is not in the solar car and is in either lead or chase.
  • Question: With respect to reg. 9.4.A, would the Custom Dynamics TF18WC or TF24WC lights be sufficient for the daytime running lights/headlamps?
    • ASC Response: The daytime running lamps in reg 9.4.A will be tested for brightness against the TF6WC LED strip noted in Appendix C.
  • Question: We would like to know what is meant by the wording “array stands are not permitted”. Reconfiguration of the car is permitted when the car is stationary (8.1.K), so what is being prohibited during checkpoints?
    • ASC Response: An array stand is considered any external entity not carried by the solar car that holds or secures the solar array, human beings excepted.
  • Question: We at <<removed>> would like to request clarification through an official ruling on the 10.6.B regulation regarding the independence of the parking brake from the main system. Is the “dual, balanced braking system”, (i.e. rear and front braking in our case) as described in regulation 10.5, the same as the “main system”, as described in 10.6.B?
    • ASC Response: Correct, the dual balanced braking system described in Reg. 10.5 is the same as which is described as the “main system” in Reg. 10.6.B.
  • Question: Does the parking brake being independent from the main system mean that the parking brake’s hydraulic line must be entirely separate from the main system’s hydraulic line or simply the activation method independent?
    • ASC Response: The parking brake cannot share a hydraulic line with the main system and cannot be used in the performance tests specified in Reg. 10.9.D.
  • Question: Will the  Michelin 90/80-16 and Bridgestone Ecopia with Ologic 95/80-R16 solar car tires be allowed in ASC 2018?
    • ASC Response: The Michelin 90/80-16 produced in 2015, 2016, and 2017 and Bridgestone Ecopia with Ologic 95/80-R16 solar car specific tires have been deemed to meet the requirements of regulation 10.2.C.1.

Design Reference Material


Approved Solar Cells – Last Updated 11/20/2017

  • Advent Solar Ventura
  • China Sunergy CSUN-HP-S125-Dia165-BB2
  • China Sunergy TBDSE125
  • Evergreen Solar Micro Wire Cells
  • ML Solar LLC – MLS-P3x6180
  • Motech XS156-200R
  • SCHOTT Solar Main ISO PSG 15632 Bin 32
  • SolarWorld A-262
  • SolarWorld B-431
  • SolarWorld B-434
  • Suniva, Inc. ARTisun Select, 156-18.8
  • SunPower A300, All Bins
  • SunPower C50, All Bins
  • SunPower C60, All Bins
  • SunPower E60, Bins Je1, Ke1, Le1, and Me1 (old bins I and J)
  • Azur Space 3T34C (GAs)
  • To request approval for a different solar cell, download and submit the form above