ASC/FSGP 2010 Teams

17 teams are registered for the 2010 season, with all but one planning to compete in both Formula Sun Grand Prix and the American Solar Challenge.  We welcome our international teams from Canada, Germany, and Taiwan as well as the strong presence of our local United States teams.  Safe travels, sunny days, and all the best to all the teams!

University of Michigan #2
Infinium United States Flag
Weight: 700 lbs
Solar Cells: Emcore ATJ/BTJ
Batteries: A123 Lithium Ion Phosphate
Chassis: Carbon Fiber
Motor: CSIRO
University of Kentucky #3
Gatodel Sol IV United States Flag
Weight: 450 lbs
Solar Cells: Emcore ATJ
Batteries: AA Portable Power Li-Po
Chassis: Space frame 6061 Al Tubing
Motor: NGM SCM
Illinois State University #5
Mercury III United States Flag
Weight: 624 lbs
Solar Cells: China Sunergy
Batteries: 1080 sub-cNi-MH
Chassis: Chromoly steel tube frame
Motor: Power Tec
Iowa State University #9
Anthelion United States Flag
Weight: 460 lbs
Solar Cells: SunPower A-300
Batteries: Samsung Li-Ion SDI 18650-26C
Chassis: Aluminum space frame
Motor: NGM–SCM150
Hochschule Bochum #10
SolarWorldNo.1 desmall
Weight: 483 lbs
Solar Cells: AZUR SPACE 3G GaAs
Batteries: Sanyo UR10650F
Chassis: Carbon Fiber
Motor: NGM
Northwestern University #11
Nusolarsc5 United States Flag
Weight: 624 lbs
Solar Cells: Mono Silicon (Sunpower A-300)
Batteries: Li-Ion (LG ChemICR 18650 A2)
Chassis: Carbon Fiber
Motor: NGM
Stanford University #16
Apogee United States Flag
Weight: 414 lbs
Solar Cells: Sunpower C50
Batteries: WANMA Li-Po
Chassis: Carbon Monocoque
Motor: NGM SCM-150
Western Michigan University #20
Sunseeker United States Flag
Weight: 378 lbs
Solar Cells: Emcore Triple Junction GaAs
Batteries: EEMB Lithium Polymer
Chassis: Monocoque
Motor: CSIRO hub motors (2) FW drive
University of Waterloo #24
Midnight Sun Canadian Flag
Weight: TBA lbs
Solar Cells: SunPower A-300
Batteries: Lithium Polymer
Chassis: TBA
Motor: NGM SCM-150
State Univ. of NY New Paltz #28
SUN Hawk United States Flag
Weight: 503 lbs
Solar Cells: SunPower C-50 silicon
Batteries: LiFePO4
Chassis: Tubular aluminum
Motor: NuGen SM-150
University of Minnesota #35
Centaurus2 United States Flag
Weight: 400 lbs
Solar Cells: China Sunergy
Batteries: BAK Lithium Polymer
Chassis: Fiberglass Composite
Motor: NGM
MO Univ. of Science & Tech #42
Solar Miner VII United States Flag
Weight: 375 lbs
Solar Cells: Emcore ATG Gallium Arsenide
Batteries: Kokam Lithium Polymer
Chassis: Chromoly Steel
Motor: NuGen SCM
University of Calgary #65
Schulich Axiom Canadian Flag
Weight: 441 lbs
Solar Cells: 1980 Gallium Arsenide
Batteries: Lithium Polymer
Chassis: Composite
University of Texas at Austin #88
Samsung Solorean United States Flag
Weight: 350 lbs
Solar Cells: SunPower A300 Silicon
Batteries: LG 18650 Lithium Ion
Chassis: Chromoly Steel
Motor: NGM
Kaohsiung University #95
Apollo VI twsmall
Weight: 284 lbs
Solar Cells: GaAs
Batteries: Lithium Ion Polymer
Chassis: Carbon Fiber
Motor: MITSUBA-M2096D-ll
Oregon State University #256
Odyssey United States Flag
Weight: 450 lbs
Solar Cells: SolarWorldA-262 Mono-Si
Batteries: Trustfire Li-Ion
Chassis: Titanium
Motor: NGM SC-M100
University of New Mexico #505
Lobo del Sol United States Flag
Weight: 700 lbs
Solar Cells: Advent Ventura
Batteries: Werker PbA WKA12-33C-J
Chassis: Steel
Motor: Vectrix