ASC 2021 Event Info

This summer’s collegiate level solar car racing is taking place from Jul 22 – Aug 7. Here are some important links to help you stay up to date with the 2021 event. We will do our best to keep the website regularly updated throughout the event but if you are looking for up to the minute stats and information, our social media feeds will be a better bet. If you are primarily interested in following a particular team, we suggest that you check out their website and social media feeds for more information. If you have any questions about the event, feel free to contact us at

  • Pre-Event Team Status Board: This page tracks teams’ administrative documents, vehicle design reports, and Scrutineering status. The goal here is simple: achieve all greens before the start of the event!
  • Scrutineering Status Board: This page tracks teams’ progress through the Scrutineering inspection process. The goal here is for teams to get to Dynamics testing as quickly as possible since that becomes the bottleneck. In order to begin the FSGP qualifier teams need to achieve a Blue status or better in all categories. For teams wishing to participate in the cross country ASC tour they will need to achieve a green status in all Scrutineering stations.
  • Formula Sun Grand Prix Results: This page tracks teams performance and results during the FSGP qualifier
  • Team Rankings, Event Maps, Scheduling, & Information: This page features lots of information about both the FSGP and ASC racing events including official team rankings, schedules, and maps. There are portions of both events that are open to the public. If you get the chance, be sure to come out and see the cars up close and in person.
  • Twitter: This will likely be our most frequently updated feed with the latest tidbits of information about the event as it happens.
  • Facebook: Here you’ll find periodic updates, photos, and possibly some videos throughout each day.
  • Flickr: If you’re looking for photos from this event this is the place to find them. We’ll do our best to upload some new photos each day with more pictures to come from multiple sources after the event wraps up.
  • Scientific Gems: The Scientific Gems blog is an excellent independent source of information about the event. Be sure to check it out.