32 Collegiate Solar Cars to Compete in Grand Prix at Corvette Museum Motorsports Park


32 Collegiate Solar Cars to Compete in Grand Prix at Corvette Museum Motorsports Park

Bowling Green, KY – The Innovators Educational Foundation is excited to announce the Electrek Formula Sun Grand Prix 2024 (FSGP), a premier collegiate solar car competition, will be hosted for the first time at the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky. This year’s event will utilize the 3.15-mile Grand Full Course, providing an exhilarating backdrop for this unique engineering challenge. “We are thrilled to host the Electrek Formula Sun Grand Prix at our facility for the first time,” said Morgan Watson, Marketing Manager at the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park. “This event perfectly aligns with our commitment to promoting innovative and sustainable automotive technologies.”

The event schedule is as follows:
Load In:
Friday, July 12th
Saturday, July 13th to Monday, July 15th
Electrek Formula Sun Grand Prix:
Tuesday, July 16th to Thursday, July 18th

Event Details:
The Electrek Formula Sun Grand Prix 2024 promises an exciting showcase of cutting-edge solar technology and innovative engineering. The event is open to the public from July 16th to July 18th, when the solar-powered cars will be on track, demonstrating their capabilities. Visitors will have the opportunity to witness these incredible vehicles in action as they complete as many laps as possible using only solar energy.

This three-day endurance event highlights the ingenuity and dedication of collegiate teams from across North America. Each team has spent countless hours designing, building, and refining their solar-powered vehicles to compete in this prestigious event. The competition not only tests the speed and endurance of these cars but also emphasizes reliability, strategic energy management, and adaptability to weather conditions.

Admission to the Electrek Formula Sun Grand Prix is free, making it an excellent opportunity for families, technology enthusiasts, and anyone interested in sustainable transportation to experience the future of automotive innovation. Attendees can interact with the teams during charging hours to learn about the technology behind the solar cars, and get inspired by the young engineers driving the future of green energy. See the full list of teams here.

Competition Times:

  • July 16th: 10am – 6pm on track, evening charging until 8pm
  • July 17th: 9am – 5pm on track, evening charging until 8pm
  • July 18th: 9am – 5pm

A detailed schedule can be found here.

Title Sponsor:
Electrek, a leading news and commentary site focusing on the transition from fossil fuels to electric transport and green energy initiatives, is proud to sponsor this year’s event. “We are thrilled for the opportunity to once again serve as the title sponsor for this year’s American Solar Challenge & Formula Sun Grand Prix. These events bring together bright and innovative minds from universities across North America to champion solar innovation and showcase the potential of sustainable transportation. This is what we’re all about at Electrek!” says Electrek, highlighting their commitment to fostering advancements in sustainable transportation.

Innovators Educational Foundation
Innovators Educational Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that organizes solar car events in the United States, including the American Solar Challenge and the Formula Sun Grand Prix. These events provide hands-on, multi-disciplinary learning opportunities for college students, fostering innovation in solar-powered transportation. 

The Formula Sun Grand Prix is not affiliated with the Formula 1 companies, FORMULA 1 racing, or the FIA Formula One World Championship.

Contact Information:
For more information and to stay updated on the events, visit American Solar Challenge. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for live coverage and updates.

Event Director: Gail Lueck, media@americansolarchallenge.org