2020/2021 American Solar Challenge Regulations

Since the 2020 American Solar Challenge and Formula Sun Grand Prix were cancelled due to COVID-19 the 2020 vehicle design regulations will carry forward to the 2021 American Solar Challenge events.


Official Interpretations

Please submit all questions regarding the regulations to ascregs@americansolarchallenge.org. Official interpretation of the race regulations will be posted here.

Engineering Build Review: In light of challenges that teams faced this year with workshop access and restrictions, late submission of the Engineering Build Review (regulation 5.4) will not result in disqualification from the Event.

Question: We have been told that composites above the occupants’ shoulder-line in the structural chassis cannot be included in our analysis of the impact load cases outlined in Regulations 10.3.A.8 as load bearing panels in the own right, or as mounting points for our metal roll cage. We are asking for an official interpretation of the regulations under 10.3.

ASC Response: Regulation 10.3.A.1 defines the roll cage as the structure that encompases the occupants from the shoulder up. Therefore, any structure above the shoulder is considered to be part of the roll cage and shall be metal, not composite, per regulation 10.3.A.4.

Design Reference Material

Approved Solar Cells

Please submit the solar cell approval form found in the event regulations to request approval of a solar cell that is not listed below. The list below contains all solar cells approved as of February 13, 2021.

  • Advent Solar Ventura
  • Azur Space 3T34C (GAs)
  • China Sunergy CSUN-HP-S125-Dia165-BB2
  • China Sunergy TBDSE125
  • Evergreen Solar Micro Wire Cells
  • ML Solar LLC – MLS-P3x6180
  • Motech XS156-200R
  • SCHOTT Solar Main ISO PSG 15632 Bin 32
  • SolarWorld A-262
  • SolarWorld B-431
  • SolarWorld B-434
  • Suniva, Inc. ARTisun Select, 156-18.8
  • SunPower A300, All Bins
  • SunPower C50, All Bins
  • SunPower C60, All Bins
  • SunPower E60, Bins Je1, Ke1, Le1, and Me1 (Old bins I and J)
  • SunPower Maxeon Gen III (E66) bin Le3, Me3 and Ne3