2010 Reports and Documentation

Solar Cells

All ASC 2010 teams must submit a solar cell form by the March 1st, 2010 deadline. If you are submitting a form for Stock Class technology that is not already listed on the approved list, you need to submit the form ASAP.  If you are considering a few different types of solar cells, remember that you can submit forms for more than one type. Please submit your form as early as possible. You may turn in the manufacturer’s specification sheet later. Complete the Excel version and email it to ascregs@americansolarchallenge.org.


An overview of the electrical system and an accompanying diagram are both due on Jan 15th, 2010.


A preliminary overview of the vehicle’s mechanical/structural systems is due on Sep 1st, 2009. The final report is due by Jan 15th, 2010.

Mechanical Design Resources


Final approval forms must be submitted by March 1st, 2010.

Battery Design Resources

The following links and documents are not endorsement of manufacture’s components and each team should thoroughly research and test any component before use. It is recommended teams tests all systems of components under “real world” conditions so as to verify immunity to EMI, RFI, power system noise, and temperature. Many factors can effect the performance, accuracy, and reliability of battery protection circuity.

Past Event Reference Material

Past event information for reference only.  Follow only current regulations.